Innovations from across the globe

Shweta Khurana

It is the 21st century and what an amazing time it is to be a pet and a pet parent. With the technological boon that we are experiencing, it is important that we highlight how all these new gadgets and tech can help take our pet parenting experiencing a notch higher and make things easy at the same time! So, kudos to new technology and here’s what you can expect.

While it is true that all these pet-tech related products are making the rounds in the international market, but here’s hoping that they turn to India and soon we see if not all, at least a majority of these products for our beloved pets in the Indian market as well.

Let’s see some of the high-tech pet products from the global market. Puzzle feeder – it is the perfect solution to take care of your furry friend’s feeding needs. It is a plant-based feeder which promotes healthy eating habits with its innovative “Broken Wave” design, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it’s FDA approved and free of harmful chemicals. For all you cat pet parents, Litter Robot will be a game-changer. It is an automatic cat litter box that sifts through cat litter after each use and deposits litter into a waste drawer, making your life so much easier and fuss-free.

You can also invest in wearable pet products as part of the new tech innovation. The ones that should be on your radar are –Go-Smart: Pet Leash – it is a Bluetooth enabled leash that comes packed with many beneficial features like LED light, night visibility, walking timers etc.; Hipster Harness –hip dyslexia is one of the most common mobility related issues that’s encountered in dogs. Hipster harness is a device that helps dogs stabilize and strengthen their hip muscles and avoid further injury.

Pet parenthood in India is on an all-time high and this is the time that start-ups and established brands are coming up with innovations in not just products, but also services for pets and pet parents. Be it health and nutrition, grooming, or online marketplaces for pets, you can find a plethora of choices these days, as compared to just a few choices some years ago.

AI is also playing an important role for organizations. By analyzing extensive data, AI algorithms can detect patterns and trends in pet behavior, health, and nutrition. This wealth of information enables pet owners to make informed decisions and optimize their pets’ well-being as never before.

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