Meat Up by Drools – Setting new standards for pet care!

Drools’ Amazon Exclusive Brand, Meat Up, has been recognized with the prestigious D2C Brand of the Year Award at the Channelier FMCG Awards 2023.


This remarkable achievement underscores the loyalty of Meat Up’s customers and the unwavering dedication of their entire team. Through their relentless pursuit of excellence, Meat Up has consistently delivered top-quality pet food products that delight furry companions everywhere. Read on to understand the well-deserved recognition for Meat Up and explore the journey behind their success.

Meat Up – Consistently delivering quality and happiness

Since its establishment in 2018, Meat Up has stood out in the competitive pet care market by embodying a unique value proposition that marries quality with affordability. Recognizing the prevalent lack of nutritional awareness and the common reliance on home-cooked meals for pets, Meat Up aims to make pet care financially accessible to a broader demographic. By offering a diverse range of products, including dry dog food, dog biscuits, dog treats, dog toys, feeding bowls, dry cat food, and cat litter, Meat Up ensures that pet parents have a comprehensive selection to cater to their furry companions’ needs.

Fresh finds – meet our new products

In the past year, Meat Up has expanded its product line significantly, introducing dog treats, dog and cat shampoo, and dog toys. These new offerings have been strategically developed to transform Meat Up into a one-stop pet food brand. The market reception has been positive, with these products enhancing the brand’s appeal and broadening its customer base. By continually diversifying its product range, Meat Up not only meets the evolving needs of pet parents but also solidifies its position as a leading player in the pet care industry.

Sustainable snuggles

Social responsibility and sustainability are cornerstones of Meat Up’s business practices. The brand operates three state-of-the-art pet food manufacturing facilities in Chhattisgarh, which are equipped with energy-efficient technologies and a dedicated Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for wastewater management. Impressively, 99% of the raw materials are sourced locally and ethically, underscoring the brand’s commitment to fair trade, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility. With a robust monthly production capacity of 7,000 tons, Meat Up also prioritizes the well-being of its workforce by ensuring fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a safe working environment. These facilities boast certifications in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 22000, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), reflecting the brand’s adherence to high standards of quality and safety.

Aiming for exponential growth

Looking ahead, Meat Up’s growth and expansion strategy is ambitious yet meticulously planned. As an exclusive Amazon brand, Meat Up has set its sights on a global journey, intending to launch in all 21 countries through the Amazon platform. Marketing is a crucial component of Meat Up’s strategy to engage with its target audience and drive sales. The brand maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, fostering continuous engagement with pet parents. This digital engagement is complemented by Meat Up’s focused e-commerce strategy. With close to 12% market share on Amazon under the pet food category, the brand has achieved significant growth through sustainable efforts to attract both new and repeat customers.

Pro perspectives

As quoted by Rakhi Rana, COO & Head of E-Commerce, Drools Pet Food Private Limited, “We are deeply honoured to receive the Channelier FMCG Award. This accolade highlights our steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality, affordable pet food to pet parents throughout India. Since its inception in 2018, our goal has been to make pet care accessible to all. This award validates our commitment to nutritional excellence, ethical practices, and sustainability. We share this success with our entire team, our e-commerce platform partner Amazon, and the pet parents who entrust us with their pets’ well-being. We are excited to continue our journey of innovation and growth, ensuring that every pet receives the exceptional care they deserve.”

By continuously innovating and expanding its reach, Meat Up is not only making pet care more accessible but also building long-term relationships with its customers, ensuring a promising future for both the brand and the pets it serves.