Grooming goodness for your furry friends

Niti Bavishi, a certified canine behaviorist, pet groomer, and the founder of The Woof Bond Pet Grooming Salon at Ghatkopar, Mumbai shares her insights into grooming tips for your pet.


It is crucial to choose the right groomers for your pet. But the question is – how can we do that. Here are some of the ways which can help you choose a correct groomer for your furry friends.

  • Whenever you visit any groomer, see for their certification and their knowledge for your specific breed type.
  • Check with people around you who have pets, ask which groomer they take their pet to?
  • Spend some time knowing the groomer by talking before the grooming starts, and ask them questions. This will help you build the trust with them.
  • Check for CCTV cameras in the grooming area.
  • Check the reviews but do not completely rely on them as sometimes they can be misleading too.
  • Don’t keep frequently changing your pet’s groomer. They need to build a bond based on trust and patience, so give them some time.
  • Please don’t choose a groomer just because of the proximity and pricing.

Groomers spend quality time in gaining knowledge, building trust with pet parents and pets, practicing safe and comfortable handling for pets, so, as a pet parent is your responsibility to go that extra mile and find the right groomer match for your beloved pet!