Bruno and his bonds of love

Meet Bruno – the Instagram Star who wins everyone’s heart with his love-filled eyes and funny antics.


Love – a two-way street

There are many things that I love about Bruno like when he plays with me, when he barks at me for taking him out or changing his clothes, and when he comes and gives me love when I come back from the university. I love his emotional eye contact.

I think Bruno also loves many things about me like when I play with him and take care of him, and shower him with endless love and cuddles. He is also a great fan of me hugging him when we are sleeping.

The things that people love most about Bruno is when he shows them love by hugging them and brings his toys to welcome to them. When I hug someone, Bruno comes and push me to hug him instead. Also, when I am eating anything, he wants the same food. But when I am trying to give him medicines, he runs away and hides.

Bruno – the Insta Star

It all started when Bruno became an Instagram sensation from a pet event that we attended at an art gallery. They requested us to promote their products and paintings and we obliged!

You can visit Bruno’s Instagram – (_Bruno151_) to know more about his daily updates and funny antics.

Memories etched on my heart

One of the most special day that I spent with Bruno was when we went to Hilton. We were invited for a one-night stay to promote their hotel. Bruno enjoyed to the fullest. He had fun in the swimming pool and enjoyed his breakfast outdoors.

I am glad to be a part of Dogs and Pups magazine.I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to take care of their pets and their kids and treat them as their family members. This is the simplest and best lesson of responsible pet parenting.