Love and Lolo go hand-in-hand

Lolo loves to spread smiles online through his funny antics and his love-filled eyes woo people in no time. Find out more how this goofball became an internet sensation!


Raising a pet is like raising a child. Just like you need to be there for a small child 24X7, the same holds true for a puppy as well. So, only bring home a pup if you can raise him like your own child.

Lolo and her homecoming

Since childhood, I had a fond admiration for dogs. In my village house, there is a dog who is fourteen years old now. When I shifted to my new house, I missed him a lot and wanted to bring him with me. But that wasn’t possible, as he lives in the village with my aunt. The void of missing a pet is something that cannot be put into words. It had been two years and we used to constantly think of him. That’s when I and my best friend decided to bring home a pet and that’s how Lolo came into our lives.

Redefining love!

Lolo always listens to me and follow all my orders. He is the epitome of a cool dog. He loves to meet new people and is friendly with everyone. Lolo makes friends with people in a very short time and people like Lolo’s eyes very much.

The thing that makes Lolo instantly happy is when I give him treats and when I bring new toys for him. Such simple joys of life!

Creating waves online

When I brought Lolo, I created a new Instagram account of him. I posted two videos of Lolo and one of them went viral. That’s when I became dedicated and started posting more videos of Lolo which people showed a lot of love on. We gained millions of views and thousands of followers in a short time, that’s the magic of Lolo and his funny antics.

Spreading ‘paws’itivity

Lolo is still young, so he’s super naughty and filled with endless energy. He needs someone or something to play with him all the time! When I am with Lolo, I don’t realize how swiftly my time passes.

At home we have Lolo and a pet cat. So, whenever Lolo gets a chance, he steals the cat’s milk and drinks it quickly. This is one of the funniest antics of Lolo.