Simba and Rocky – From rescued to treasured

Meet Simba & Rocky who got a forever home! Sanket shares his story of rescuing a stray cat and how he became the most cherished part of their family.


In childhood I was not fond of pets. I had the empathy for street dogs and stray cats. But I had a change of heart when I visited my wife Roshni’s native place. They had a house cat (female) and whenever we use to visit it would be a wonderful experience altogether.

Three years back, one fine day we encountered a handsome male kitten in our society. My wife used to give him milk. Few days went by and one morning we heard meowing sound outside our house. We opened the door and to our surprise the kitten was sitting outside and urging to come inside. We used to stay on second floor and our house was at the far corner of the floor. We were shocked thinking how did he find the house. From then on, he become a part of our family, he used to come and go whenever he wanted. He used to eat and sleep at our house and in night he would go downstairs. We named him ‘Simba’.

The art and heart of pet adoption

Adoption never came to our mind as he was a regular visitor. Later we had to shift from Panvel to Parel, me and my wife had a deep discussion on what to do with this innocent kitty. Next morning we decided to adopt him and named him ‘Simba’.

Now the big question for us was where to keep him during our shifting days and how will he react to adoption. We were totally clueless. In my office, I discussed this scenario with Dr. Dhananjay Pandit (President-R&D, Freossi Pet Care Division) and he advised to take help of one of our colleagues, Ms. Kanan who runs a foster care and pet boarding centre – The Pet Patch in Santacruz (E).

Understanding responsible pet parenting

Without giving a second thought she asked me to drop Simba to her centre and said the rest will be taken care. We dropped Simba at the centre and throughout the journey from Panvel to Santacruz in a taxi, he was continuously meowing as he didn’t know what was happening. We shifted to Parel and meanwhile, Simba got neutered at the centre and we went to pick him up after nine days. Initially for a month we had many difficult nights as Simba used to scream the whole night. But then he adjusted and accepted us as his parents and now we feel blessed to have him and thank God to give us an opportunity to serve and give a good life to a stray cat. I daily carry a bottle filled with kibbles and feed stray cats and feel so grateful for being able to do so!

Rescuing with love

Three months back, in January 2024, while I was on my morning walk, I found a tiny kitten on the roadside. He was approximately a month old and was struggling. His nose and throat were choked, eyes were dirty, and he had ticks and fleas all over his body.

I waited for some time thinking he is lost and would have a mother but found him alone. I took him to my building premise, fed him milk, and he stayed there. I went upstairs, got ready for office and when I came down, he was still sitting in the same place. After reaching office I called my wife to go downstairs and check on him. He was not there and was found on the other corner of the building premise where he was eating a stale piece of bread and struggling to swallow it. I asked my wife to take him home. We were worried on the circumstances as we already had an adult male cat ‘Simba’ at home.

We brought this kitten home,cleaned him up, nebulized him, and gave him basic medications. After1 week he was doing better. We named him ‘Rocky’, got his first vaccination done, and now are home and heart is complete with Simba & Rocky.