Meow Fully Paltoo: fostering responsible pet parenting


Vetnex, in association with Meow 104.8 FM, has come up with a radio show ‘Fully Paltoo’ wherein listeners can get valuable information on responsible pet parenting and get advice from experts.
How many of you get angry when somebody calls your sweetie as just a ‘dog’? Most of you would definitely agree that your pet is not just a dog, he’s a family member, no less than you or me. If you too think so, tune in to Meow 104.8 FM for listeners in Delhi & NCR on Tuesdays between 5 and 6 pm and let’s all bask in the love of our pets.
The show is hosted by RJ Ginni and experts who give valuable advice to listeners on various aspects of pet parenting.
The show focuses on unique human and pet bonding. It’s all about your attachment with your pet and encourages pet parents to go to holidays where pets are allowed. When you bring home a pet, you bring home a family member. Children spend less time on TV when you have pets at home, senior citizens get companionship, even couples love to share the puppy love.
Those who think that pets and babies don’t go together, here’s good news. Pet and baby bonding is very strong and important as it helps the baby to develop, besides giving him company. Pets make kids more active as they play and walk with them. They become mentally more alert, more fearless of other animals, more socially aware, more responsible and learn to share.
A caller at a show called up and told how her pet dog helped her during exams. “Whenever I was stressed, he used to come near me and nibble my hand – giving a nice massage which acted as a stress-buster,” she told.
Yet another caller shared how she was scared of dogs until she was blessed with a Lab Leo. “My life changed completely after that. I feel hurt when somebody calls him a dog. I add his name whenever I sign a card for my friends and relatives. I talk to him about everything and he really seems to understand,” she cooed.
One caller wanted to have another dog at her home. Experts echoed, “You have to be careful about do’s and don’ts about getting another dog as they can get jealous and feel neglected.” They added, “Typically, the new pet and existing one should be introduced in a new environment and not in your home, once they are comfortable, bring them home. Dog appeasing pheromones (D.A.P.) – can help your existing pet and bring down the stress levels.”
Pets too get stressed. The various stress factors may include family going out, firecrackers, new family member in the family, summer heat, etc. Listeners were advised to take care of emotional feelings of their pets. Dogs have an understanding as a 2.5-3 years oldchild and they can actually understand 70-80 words.
Both the host (Ginni) and the experts stress on responsible pet parenting and advise the listeners to take care of their dog as their baby. And it’s just a small price to pay for the love and companionship our pets give back to us!
The show is still on and our readers can tune in to the show and enrich themselves with expert advice and valuable information.