Bringing home a bundle of joy!


Whenever you adopt a puppy, you bring home 12-15 years of love, joy and companionship. The puppy gets a new loving home and blesses you with unconditional love and loyalty.
While some of you would prefer to adopt a pedigree dog, others might consider adopting our Indian pariahs, who are healthy, sturdy and of course as lovable as any other pedigree dog. You can adopt such pooches from animal shelters in your area. These animal shelters take care of the vaccination and early socialization needs of the puppy and will also guide you towards responsible pet parenting. Alternatively, you can also pick a pup from the streets near your house. There is no doubt, you will be blessed with a beautiful and sturdy canine.
A few will like to adopt a pedigree dog due to liking for a particular breed. For such pet parents, it is important to choose the right breeder. Choose a reputed ethical breeder, for whom puppy-rearing is passion to care for these amazing friends. Once you choose the breeder, take full information about the puppy you wish to adopt, including his lineage, his vaccination, his feeding charts, etc. Also, take a look at his parents and see if cleanliness in kennel is maintained. He should be able to give you full information about the breed, the pup’s family history and guide you on how to take care of the breed.
Once you are smitten by a pup, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bring that pup home and give him your love ‘n’ care. Pedigree or stray – some things remain common – the love and devotion that one gets by adopting a puppy.
Sparkle is also nodding his head in approval and he is really happy to see lovely doggies living happily with their pet parents. He also wishes you all a safe and prosperous Diwali with your near and dear one.

– Shweta