Feng Shui around your pets


Pets contribute a lot to the movement of energy (chi) in a living space when they move. Every space needs active energy & love…and our pets definitely give us both. According to Feng Shui, cosmic breath or chi energy permeates the atmosphere, the earth and all living things and it can increase happiness, wealth and prosperity.

A pair of dogs say a Golden Retriever or even a Daschund with slightly long ears (compared to the Chinese “fu-dogs” who are symbolic of protection to the home) are kept at many homes in the eastern hemisphere not just as pets but to safeguard the home from bad luck. Here are a few things to be kept in mind to ensure a harmonious atmosphere in a home with pets.

  • Dogs and cats are very sensitive to the environment. When pets choose the place to sleep, always ensure that color and patterns of the bedding are in harmony with the elemental energy of the position.
  • Keep the clutter away…and also keep your pet clean and happy.
  • Caged animals are not approved by Feng Shui. Many homes have pets, which are locked in all day long as the family members go to work and the pets stay all alone till evening. This affects the mental health of the pets.
  • Feng Shui considers the movement of pets like dogs and cats within a home as “Yang” energy (positive) and their running about is said to distribute the “Chi” within the home, as such a healthy pet is an asset.
  • Creating sacred space for our animal companions not only makes them healthier and happier but also enriches our lives as well.
So, while it’s nice to have a pet, the fi rst priority must always be the pet’s health, safety, and care. Remember having pets in Feng Shui is to usher in happiness, peace and good energy, so bring home your pets, maintain them, treat them with utmost love, care and respect, and see your surroundings fi ll with positive energies.(SBS Surendran is a qualifi ed Electrical Engineer and has been practicing Vaastu for 14 years and Feng Shui science for over 10 years now. A regular columnist in leading newspapers and magazines, he has been popular for his simple writing skills and the technical analysis of the premises by virtue of being an engineer.)