Making your home a safe haven for your pooch


Pooches are curious and love to taste everything. Hence, it is very important to stash away some of the common household items, which may contain toxic substances and harm your dog.

You are responsible for your dog’s safety and to do this, just crouch on the fl oor and see the potential threats for him. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of potential hazards:Heavy objects: Do not store heavy objects like large television sets on furniture that is very light. Keep solid furniture near wall sockets which are not in use and keep all your electric equipment out of the reach of your dog.Electrical chords: Always keep away electrical cords behind furniture or secure them behind a baseboard so that your curious dog doesn’t accidentally start playing with them. See that there are no electric wires trailing on the floor, teach your dog not to touch or chew them.
Sharp objects: Always remember to keep knives and other sharp objects inside the drawer or a kitchen cabinet.
Pesticides/cleaning products: The daily household items that we use like pesticides and cleaning products, should be stored in an area that the dog never enters. A locking cabinet is a good place.
Small objects: Remove from your dogs reach coins, safety pins and needles because a dog can swallow them and choke himself.
Other small objects: Keep all poisons locked; besides you should lock in the cupboard washing soda, shoe polish, ink, match sticks etc as they contain highly toxic substances which can harm the health of your dog.
Household plants: Many household plants are highly dangerous for dogs; special mention should be made of ferns, aloe vera and ivy plants.
Mouthwash: Mouth wash contains boric acid, which is dangerous for a dog, keep it closed in your bathroom cabinet.
Mothballs: Mothballs are also highly dangerous for dogs.
Batteries: Batteries of all types are a potential danger to your pet. Keep them under lock and key, when not in use.
Bleach: Keep all bleaching products, nicely and securely in your kitchen cabinet as they are very toxic if ingested by a dog.
Fertilizers: Fertilizers are also harmful to your dog. Be careful and do not allow your dog to lick any fertilizer, which is spilled. If ingested, it can cause poisoning.
Chocolates: Chocolates and cocoa contain a substance called bromine, which is very harmful to dog’s health.
Dustbins: Keep your dustbin in a safe place, many things you throw in the dustbin can otherwise be common household items but these can prove dangerous to your dog, if he eats or chews them.
When to call the vet? If you notice that your pet has ingested any items above, immediately take the harmful substance away from your pet and call your veterinarian. Give all information correctly about the nature and quantity of the ingested product. If there’s a need, immediately rush your precious one to the vet. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, so do puppy-proof your home.