Baked with Love for our Loving Pooch


Are you looking for some yummy treats for your pooch? Just imagine if these treats have your pooch’s name written over them or have his picture printed on them? Amazing, isn’t it? Well, if you are looking for such beautiful and innovative cookies, then Mydogsbakery is the place with a difference!

For Kris Otto and any other dog lover, Mydogsbakery is not just a bakery. Offi cially started in April 2004, it is a life-long project for Kris, who started with baking and food artistry for loved ones and in this case, it is for our pampered pooches.As Kris puts it, “I started a high-end bakery for people, specializing in wedding online cakes When I sold that business, I wanted something to satisfy both my passions – baking and dogs. And that gave me this wonderful idea of starting a bakery especially for dogs.” And it is not just baking that give Kris pleasure.
She also enjoys the artistry and special detail attention that goes into every treat. “Right now, my website offers phototreats and nametreats. And people are so surprised and delighted to see phototreats. Infact, I have even seen people cry with appreciation,” she adds. “But in addition to these, I get many requests to ‘invent’ other products for business customers. For example, I have a line of beach/ocean dog treats I exclusively make for a dog store on the beach. I offer them treats in a variety of shapes like shells, fi sh, octopus, starfi sh, whales, sharks, crabs etc. The business customers often order large quantities of the treats with their logo as they are great advertisements for them,” tells Kris.
“But, shape is not a limitation, we can make unique shapes, if I can’t fi nd the cookie cutter I am looking for, I make my own cookie cutters of the desired shape,” adds Kris proudly.
And this is not all. Kris also uses her many years in the baking/food artistry field to decorate the dog cookies. “For example, I use food colouring to ‘paint’ cookies.
I have a ‘rainbow paw’ where each dog toe is painted with a colour of the rainbow,” she adds.
And which of her products are canines’ hot favourites? “Flavour wise, it would be the roast beef and potato. The salmon is very popular for the arctic breeds such as Huskies and Malamutes. Since I live in the mountains, we have a lot of those breeds locally,” tells Kris proudly.
On top of that, she gets stories of dogs being ‘bad’ just to get to her yummy smelling treats. “One dog actually chewed off the front of a drawer, where the cookies were kept in. Several dogs have gotten to and eaten all the Christmas presents that people have personalized for their friends and family dogs!”
Telling something about her future plans, Kris reveals that she even gets many requests for just the cookies without the personalization as they are so yummy and healthy. She plans to come out with cookies, which are specially made for different festivals.
After dogs, cats would be the lucky ones to have exquisitely manufactured cat treats from Kris. “I am working on www. right now. I have tested many homemade treats on many cats. These cats are defi nitely a much pickier lot than the dogs! My most successful recipe so far is a cute little fi sh shape treat made from fresh salmon and rice fl our. My cat Joey loves the dog cookies, his favourite being licking off the icing I use to write the names or frame the photos with,” laughs Kris.
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