Puppy..for the right reason


Bringing home a puppy is like bringing a baby home. This cuddly bundle of joy requires nurturing, love, attention and care. But do you have the time, passion, dedication and experience required to rear a dog? This social animal requires love and dedication. Just because you are under relentless pressure from your child who wants to own a pet does not mean it is the right time to bring this loyal companion home. Make sure you and your family is ready to accommodate this new member.
So, all of you out there,consider the following points before you buy a pup:

  • Have all the members of the family been involved in and approved the decision. Don’t kid yourself that the dissenting one will come around once the cute little puppy is at his feet. This won’t happen
  • Are there elders/relatives who visit and stay with you on regular basis? If so how, will they react to the pup? Remember that dogs pick up on a person’s resentment/dislike and react accordingly. They are then abandoned or rehomed.
  • Why do you want a dog? To guard your house, to provide a sense of security by looking big and intimidating when the unwanted visitor is at your doorstep or just to love and enjoy? Get the dog for the right reasons and give her a family who will love and cherish her.
  • Do you live in an apartment or a house? Remember that apartments have rules and next-door “the TV is too loud” neighbours.
  • Are all of you out of the home for extended periods of times-school, college, work and other commitments? If so, think about the poor fellow that is going to be locked up by himself for hours on end with nothing but a few toys you threw his way to amuse himself.
  • Do you travel frequently? Who will assume the responsibility when you are away or can you make other arrangements. Make sure you check out these arrangements before hand.
  • He will love you till his dying day. Can you shoulder the responsibility?
  • Will you be there for him, when he grows old or comfort him at time of sickness?
  • Will he be your baby, friend and you will never abandon him?

If you have searched your soul and found answers to all the above, I pronounce you ready and welcome you to the fraternity of people who can’t imagine a day of their lives without their loyal, faithful, ever-loving, irresistible family member – the dog.

– by Reena Puri