My Christmas Gifts!


Have you ever wondered what your loving pooch would want this Christmas? To find out, here’s what Amrita’s dog Heera has asked Father Christmas.

Dear Santa, I have not only come into my desired loving home and family but also got a mommy who loves me a lot. Not only she shall buy gifts for me this year, but I want to be pampered by you too. So, here are my dream desires:A yummy bowl full of my favourite nuggets!
When the very smell of nuggets reaches my nostrils, it makes me get into a tizzy with a healthy appetite. I often think, if I were enjoying it anytime and at all times. But my folks feel that too much of it is not good for my stomach. So, it is only you who can make it possible, providing me a special bowl.
A really long leash!
O my Father! Actually, I want the freedom to walk long distances and do my own things such as chasing a squirrel without being pulled back, sniffi ng up all corners without being screamed at and also be able to pounce on any cat or dog full throttle, without being stopped. So, I urgently need to get my family having such leash that they have one end to themselves and I can feel free.
A large-size bed with lots of pillows!
O Divine Power! My family allows me to come up on their bed with them, but sharing it, I can’t keep changing my positions all over the bed on every cushion that I like. And of course, needless to say, my family will be more than welcome to share that giant-sized bed with me.
Boon for free access to all the chic dog stores in town!
O Boon-maker! I would love to just saunter in, pick up every chewy, dog-bone or other eateries that catch my fancy. I want to try their fish flavoured, chicken oil coated, mutton masala nuggets and bones that somehow my family thinks I’m too grown up for.
Our beautiful bungalow with a huge garden!
My Darling Santa! I know you can sniff my heart’s content, so needless to ask much for myself. But at least one more feeling I would like to share that I desire to get my family into a new large-size house, which has a huge garden, where I can play with all my local friends. Just because whenever I’m with my family member and meet these friends during my walks, they feel I’m an indoor’ kind of a guy. But if I have that kind of open space to play and jump with them, it shall become apparent how athletic and agile I really am.
Long life for me!
As you know Father, I’m growing older every day and the life span of my kind is not very long. I’ve just got a few more years with my family and would really like you to bless me with a long life so that I may spend more time with my adorable and loving family, whom I love from the bottom of my heart. In fact, if it’s a deal you are looking for, I am ready to give up non-vegetarian food in return.
I am looking forward to my gifts of this Christmas! Do say hi to the reindeers.
Your canine devotee,

-by Amrita Sharma