Shveta Salve


It’s really a sight to see a happy family, more so when it is blessed with sweet canines. Meet Shveta Salve, the beautiful actress with a handsome Lab and an equally attractive Beagle. Here’s more about this good-looking trio family…
Shveta Salve, can best be described as a trend-setting style icon, who has broken through the clichéd image of a regular television actress relegated to run-of-the-mill dramatic performances. She has successfully emerged as an immensely talented and focused actress who imbibes all the qualities that are synonymous with a ‘star’. She has a natural command over any dance form. With her unblemished skin and shiny mane of hair, her versatility grabs your attention as she can be innocent and flirtatious both at the same time. Her fans are eagerly awaiting the release of her first Bollywood film Bhawraa, which is being produced and directed by Dharmesh Darshan
Another amazing fact about this pretty actress is that she is an ardent dog lover. She has been blessed with three beauties in her life so far. Here’s the story about her canine love.

My first pet…Kiku

My first pet was Kiku, a Pomeranian, who was already a family member before my parents brought me into the world. So I grew up with Kiku as if he was my older sibling and he took his role as my big brother very seriously and was extremely protective and possessive about his little sister. My mother clearly remembers Kiku keeping vigil by my cradle and the slightest whimper from me would send him off in search of my mom, so that she could attend to my needs. I was equally convinced that Kiku was my brother and cemented this relationship by tying Rakhi on Kiku’s paws and performing regular puja on Raksha Bandhan. He truly was my first brother for the next nine years until my two- legged brother Sharvil was born.

Other pets in my life…

I also remember having a pair of white mice and a lovebird couple as my childhood pets. After Kiku, I did not have a pet for at least a decade until I got Dino who is a Labrador and Phoebe, a free spirited, gorgeous Beagle.

My favourite…oh I love them all

I really can’t say I have any favorite since they all have a special place in my heart, but memories of Kiku stay with me forever since he was my childhood companion and of course Dino who is my first son. He came into my life when I was an adult and therefore the relationship was special as my maternal side came into being and I discovered a new facet of myself. Phoebe is my naughty spoilt little daughter who imagines she is a princess and therefore expects undivided attention and constant pampering.

Every moment…special and full of love n’ care

Honestly every moment spent with my babies is special. However, one incident that still sticks out in my memory is one Christmas Day a few years ago. My home was a flurry of excitement and the usual festivities. Dino was participating in all the action and in his excitement he was jumping around in joy. He suddenly fell back on his hind legs and broke his hip. That period was both traumatic for Dino and my family and I went to great lengths to ensure that his pain and discomfort was alleviated to the best of my abilities. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and till date I am very careful to ensure that he has his medication and receives regular treatment from the best of vets.

Love and mischief all around

Dino is a very well trained and an obedient dog and it’s sometimes shocking to see how human he can be. Every time I come back home he will be at the door to greet me and he takes my handbag from me and leaves it in my bedroom. He understands anything I tell him and can be counted on to fetch the newspapers, opening and shutting the front door for visitors.
Phoebe is a complete entertainer and can keep you regaled constantly with her antics, which can be described as ‘fully nautanki.’ She has this daily routine where she must sit for an hour everyday looking out of the window and keeping a track on the goings on in the community. It is also very interesting to watch the two of them together and Dino exhibits exemplary patience when dealing with Phoebe and her attention seeking ploys, like snatching Dino toys right from his mouth leaves us wondering where he gets the energy to deal with this mischief called Phoebe.
However, two of them share a very special bond and are extremely compatible, even though they are like chalk and cheese in temperament. Phoebe is high strung and gregarious while Dino is calm and always composed, a perfect gentleman. It’s impossible not to look into his eyes and fall head over heels in love with him.

Spending time… just lazing around

My favorite activity actually is one of complete inactivity. Since my schedule can be pretty grueling I catch up on sleep whenever I can and this involves cuddling the two of them and sleeping. They both enjoy this and I have the most peaceful rest when I am holding onto them. I look forward to this particular activity and so do they. Besides this, I ensure that they go out for their daily walks and get their dose of fresh air and exercise.

Love…beyond bonds

My dogs know that I am their mom and they treat me with the same affection and love that a child would have for his mother. The bond that exists between us surpasses any other and my life would not be complete without Dino and Phoebe. I love them unconditionally and I know without doubt that it is reciprocated 100 percent.

Going ga ga over chews

Well, besides all usual things, they simply go crazy when I reach for their special goodies to reward them for a job well done. They will run back and forth between the cabinet and my location until I give in and put their chewy into their mouths. They are very gentle about this and never snatch food from me.

Being a good mom

I personally take care of their hygiene and diet. There is no compromise when it comes to their nutrition and my trips overseas are ideal for bringing back some great doggy foods which are not so easily available here. Even if I am away from home, I always check back with my house help to ensure that they have eaten properly and all is well with them. It also helps tremendously that she is equally passionate and devoted to Dino and Phoebe.

My pets’ favourite dishes…

Honestly, they both have healthy appetites and are not fussy about food. Dino has his favourite bone which he can chew on for hours and as for Phoebe she can even chew up the fridge if allowed to do so.

Sundays are fun days

Sunday at the beach is extremely special for them. Dino, being a Labrador is a complete water baby and can spend hours crashing into the waves and kicking up a sand storm. However, Phoebe would rather chase all the birds and bees and she has been known to mistake an aeroplane for a pigeon. On one such occasion, she took off like a lightning bolt in hot pursuit of one such flying object till she found herself on the main road with traffic streaming past her. Though it was a pretty scary situation we finally managed to get her back safe and sound. However, she still has to be monitored on these outings as anything is possible with her.

Vacations…would love to take them along

I would ideally love to take them on vacations but since Phoebe tends to get sick. I have only managed to take them for short trips to Gorai Beach, which is on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Gift a puppy only if a person is ready for such a big responsibility

My strongest advice to dog lovers is when it comes to gifting someone a puppy is to ensure that the person is absolutely ready for such a responsibility. One must be absolutely convinced that the future pet parent will be just that, a committed and responsible mom or dad. Personal attention to diet and grooming is of utmost important. Nutritional requirements must be catered according to the breed and age of your dog. Love your pet the same you would love your children.