Groom your pup in style


As a new pup owner, it is extremely essential for you to know what is correct for the pup, right from proofing the home, settling him in, to his diet management, vaccination process, training and YES grooming. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for pup grooming.

  • Introduce your pet to the world of combing and brushing right from the start. Make brushing a daily routine.
  • Be very patient and gentle with your pet when brushing or combing.
  • Use a hot towel sponge, if his coat gets dirty. Special care should be taken to ensure that the coat is dried immediately.
  • Regular brushing or combing also prevents mats and tangles from developing and keeps the skin and coat healthy.
  • Routine brushing helps in replacing the puppy coat and reducing hair fall substantially, while removing dust particles.
  • Be extremely patient while opening knots on long-coat pups.
  • Regularly check the inside of your pup’s ears and its edges. Clean with cotton if required.
  • Examine your pup’s tail end, under pads and toilet areas constantly and keep them clean.
  • Give your pup regular chews to keep his teeth clean and free of bad breath.
  • Chewing process helps in teething and also does not let any tarter deposit to accumulate on the teeth


  • Do not give your pet a bath till the age of three-four months (consult your vet).
  • Never clip your pup’s nails at home as you can to cut a vein while clipping.
  • Do not press down with force while brushing the pup, especially if you are using steel pin brushes, slicker brushes or steel combs.
  • Do not use slicker brushes for smooth coat or short coat pups.
  • Do not use any brush close to the eyes, nose or toilet areas.
  • Impatience while opening knots will spoil your pups coat and may also pain or hurt him/her.

Keeping your pup regularly groomed, neat & clean can save your pet from a lot of health hazards and uncalled for visits to his vet. Regular grooming will not only help keep your pup’s skin and coat in good condition but will also prevent mats and tangles.
Grooming sessions always help in bonding with these four-legged wonders.
(Preeti & Sanjeev Kumar of Scooby Scrub (Delhi) are professional certified groomers (Thailand) and animal welfare workers).
–by Preeti and Sanjeev Kumar