Grooming parlours for pooches : because they are worth it!



How do you pamper your little canine? Give him tasty treats, gift him a toy, take him out for a ride or a walk …or better still gift him a day at a grooming salon – a perfect gift for your pampered pooch. Your darling would not only feel pampered but look pampered too! Here’s a peek at the grooming facilities available internationally.


Eiffel, a 175 lb Newfoundland comes to Wag ‘N Wash pet grooming salon. He is groomed lying down on the table since he cannot stand. Though it involved three pet groomers to complete the job, but Eiffel left one clean, short, happy dog!! Such is the magic of grooming parlours and this is the care our pampered pooches get!

Too much has been said and heard about the benefits of grooming and pet parents have become quite aware of it. For most pet parents, grooming is a simple three-step process: preparation (brush out mats, trim nails, take out hair from inside the ears, clean eyes, etc); bath (shampoo, conditioner, clean eyes and ears) and dry (hand dry/brush). This is basic grooming but there is more to it. After this regular grooming process comes the finishing process where the pet undergoes scissoring/clipping to give her the pretty look.
Now, think of all the luxurious treatment you get at your grooming parlour – spas, massage, hair cuts, facials, aromatherapy, etc. Don’t you think your pooches also deserve such holistic beauty treatments because they are worth it? Internationally, pets are pampered with such treatments at the grooming spas. As Sandy Patak of Soapy Puppy Dog Spa, Alpharetta, US puts it, “Just as you enjoy day spa, dogs enjoy Soapy Puppy Dog Spa. We are a new concept dedicated to pampering pets with hydromassage baths, spa quality shampoo, and services conducted by caring individuals in our spa environment.” And just as we are inclined towards natural products, we pamper our canines with natural products as well. “We use all natural products, never chemicals and pesticides. One of our most popular treatments is our exfoliation package. It includes a special macadamia nut shampoo and 5 minute massage,” tells Sandy. At Soapy Puppy Dog Spa, each canine is treated with respect and tender care. They receive a special homemade treat, a luxury kennel with a comfy bed. On top of it, each part of the grooming process includes aromatherapy to relax the dog. Toronto-based Timmie Doggie Outfitters offers grooming, aromatherapy, facials and massage. This exclusive boutique offering clothing, accessories and food for dogs and cat, found grooming facilities to be a natural extension to their business. “We wanted to bring the store and spa together to create a complete pooch-pampering experience,” tells Paul Ryu, coowner, Timmie Doggie Outfitters, Toronto.

Let’s see what Janie Semprevivo of Wag ‘N Wash, New Jersey, offers at her salon. “Every pet grooming at our salon includes a therapeutic massaging bath with our jet wash, nail trimming, ear cleaning, pads trimmed, medicated shampoo when necessary, cologne, bandanna or bow.” They offer a wide variety of special services including: medicated shampoos, tooth brushing, hot oil treatments for dry and lifeless coats, nail filing, herbal flea dips, special 3-step de-skunking process and the FURminator de-shedding programme. “FURminator Shedless Treatment is a specialized anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair. The secret to the treatment is a special de-shedding tool designed to stop the shedding where it begins in the undercoat of your pet. Studies have shown the FURminator treatment can reduce shedding in pets from 4-6 weeks (shedding periods may vary depending on the breed and health of your pet). And this treatment has been endorsed by veterinarians who understand the importance of healthy skin and coat!” explains Janie.

These grooming parlours understand that no two dogs are alike. Hence, they offer special treatments for puppies, older dogs, arthritic dogs, sensitive skin and allergy dogs. “We understand that just like people, each pet is an individual and deserves individual care, with attention to their breed standard, personal style, body shape and personality,” tells Kellie Taylor of Precious Paws Pet Grooming salon, New Jersey. Kellie also understands that both pets as well as pet parents can be nervous while the pet is groomed. Hence, their salon is designed on an open floor plan, where parents can observe their pet’s entire grooming process, from bath to beautiful, as they are receiving the best care. “We also offer appointments that allow them to stay with their pet and hold their paw, just as they would hold their child during their haircut,” she adds.
Such is the popularity of pet grooming facilities that Tomy Maugeri Dog Salons launched their third location in Chelsea, after two facilities in New York. Headed by veteran groomer, Tomy Maugeri, this two-year-old company has built a large and loyal following by providing grooming services for the pet parents. “We have also added webcams into the salons so that anxious pet parents at home or office, can use the passwordprotected website to observe their pets being groomed,” he adds. This salon also provides obedience classes, pet-sitting and dog walking services. As Tomy explains, “We don’t just provide great grooming. Many of our clients have told us that they need pet care everyday or when they are on vacation. Our ‘Home Stay Program’ allows client’s pets to stay at one of our employee’s homes while they are on a vacation.”

One thing we found at all grooming salons that the owners were dog lovers themselves and for some, starting a grooming parlour was more of a passion. As Andrea Zivari- Giannoglou of A to Z Pet Grooming, Toronto, explains, “It is very strange how I started dog grooming as a career. I am trained as a mechanical engineer and I used to work on Tank ammunition for the U.S. Army. When I had my first baby, I quit working. I wanted to start a business and being a dog lover, I started a pet shop with a friend in 2004. In 2005, we started the grooming facility in our shop and since the response was very good, we turned the whole store into a dog grooming parlour in 2006.” Andrea always wanted to have a dog but could not have one. “Now I feel like a child again whenever I am working on a dog. I love dogs! I feel it is all very artistic and my dogs are a work of art when they are finished. I am really glad when I am able to groom a difficult dog that nobody else can or even wants to do. I feel like a million bucks when a dog that needs care can get it from me,” she adds. And undoubtedly the pet owners feel happy as their pooches are looking good and feeling good too!