His cute smile makes most of us go weak in the knees…but what catches his fancy is not us…they are some other cutie-pies at home. Well! It’s not some femme fatales for cute Madhavan…but his loved pets – Princess (GSD), Simba (Chow Chow) and Ashley (African Grey). This enthusiastic pet lover shares his love and life with these bundle of joys and here’s more about his life with his darling pets.

Cute and young lad, who played memorable roles in teleserials like Saaya, Sea Hawks, Banegi Apni Baat, Ghar Jamai etc, eventually joined the cineblitz and won the hearts of millions with his remarkable roles in many movies like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Ramji Londonwaley, Shanti Shanti Shanti, Kannathil Muthamittal, Alaipayuthey, Ennavale, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, Minnale, Dumm Dumm Dumm, Parthale Paravasam and more. He also won critical acclaim for his roles in superhit Bollywood movies Guru and Rang De Basanti. He is a superstar… well, there’s another side to his personality also…he is a devoted animal lover as well. Madhavan has appeared in PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals advertising – campaigning against cruelty towards animals, and has promoted vegetarianism causes; interestingly he was also voted the “cutest male vegetarian” by an online poll conducted by the NGO, PETA. His love for animal is deeprooted. Madhavan, or Maddy as friends call him, has been an avid animal lover since childhood. He had his first pet – Prince (GSD) during early years of his life and as they say once a dog lover always a dog lover…he always has pets with him. He proudly acquaints us with his present pets, Princess (GSD, 6 years old), Simba (Chow Chow, 4 years old) and Ashley (African Grey, 2 years old). And on asking about his favorite, the apt parental reply came, “They all are close to my heart and we all love them equally,” well, that’s little diplomatic…but not an issue as our loving pooches are on the winning side.

These funny beauties – Princess and Simba – are family members at Madhavan’s place, they sleep, eat, play with them…and our smarties never skip to hop into the car to accompany their celebrity parents on long drives…and never miss a chance to play fetch-the-ball with him. They simply love to throw tantrums, when Maddy is around…quite obvious for the celebrity kids…keep it up li’l champs.

Madhavan has a wonderful wife – Sarita (a former airhostess, whom he married after 3 years of committed courtship), who takes care of all the family members and no wonder that kids are most pampered ones…be it Princess, Simba, Ashley or Maddy’s cute little master (his son). They all live together in perfect harmony. Madhavan is a true family man, who loves spending quality time with his family, visiting his parents, playing golf, and not to miss…pampering his pet dogs. Tight work schedules are never an excuse for spending less time with pets…as Maddy always makes sure to spend quality time with them during early morning or late nights, and takes them for walks twice a day and plays with them. Moreover these loving angels even accompany them on their Mumbai trips…and why not they have a second home there. So when Papa’s got a lot of work in Mumbai, they are also there to share the limelight.

We all simply love Madhavan… so what he loves the most about his pets, and instant reply came ‘The Unconditional Love.’ “They are very affectionate and loving, and my Chow is a real handsome dog… he is a stunner,” he added. Now what these celebrity pooches love…well! It’s long drives with Maddy…of course on a highway and swishing ‘n’ sloshing in the swimming pool.

It’s enough of pooch flattery…there must be some annoying habits in these kids as well, to this he replied, “Yeah, they do have…let’s start with Simba, he stops at every three steps to sniff and Princess is simply lazy to go for a walk.” On asking about their eating habits, Maddy joyfully replied that Princess is a not a fussy eater and loves to gorge on anything, whereas Simba always craves for something sweet. “Nevertheless, they both just love to treat on dog biscuits and chews,” he tells with a sweet grin on his face, which always leave us completely speechless.

“They are always let loose to enjoy the most and everyone from my child to the eldest member in the family just love to pamper our pooches,” tells Madhavan proudly. These pooches are also very friendly with their human sibling as well and always protect him like elder brother or sister. “Princess is very affectionate with my son and Simba just love him like anything,” Madhavan added.

When it comes to kids, Madhavan has a nice anecdote to share, “Once Princess delivered ten pups at home…cuties were looking so angelic. But, our whole house looked like a big circus…still it was a most memorable incident for us.” Well! We can imagine the hullabaloo, when one is raising more than dozen kids…woof! Indeed a memorable incident.

So, does Maddy has any message for pet parents? “A responsible pet parent should groom their pets regularly and brush them at least once a day. Never over feed them and giving them leftovers is a big No No. Make sure that pets are getting healthy and nutritious diet as per their requirement. Give them balance diet for proper growth and development. And just shower all the love and care on them,” comes a quick reply from our energetic celebrity, Madhavan.