Sippy- my lil’ fella


I’ve wondered many times as to how little things in life can carry so much love, joy and most importantly warmth…to enlighten a household that remained cold even during the hottest season of the year…such a house was ours, till July 2006. I remember precisely! It was 6 days before my birthday when the big question was popped up at me as to what I wanted for my 16th birthday and then after a lot of serious discussions the great decision makers of the household lay before me two great options – a mobile or puppy. Somehow the word puppy began ringing in my ears much louder than the mobile phone…so there was no doubt, my decision was THE DOG indeed…but then came the oppositions; my mum and my grandma…and the reminders as to how big a responsibility it was but my decision was firm.

When I came back from school next day, my family members were sitting in the drawing room and my little sis asked me to get ready for a surprise…I could see the fishy smiles on their faces. My mum stretched her arms and gave me a hug…but I was waiting for something else… and then came a small puppy with brown patches around his eyes and a little yellow ribbon around his furry neck. Oh! He was so sweet, I jumped with joy…yippee…I got one. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt, my own little angel…that feeling is still inexpressible, and is the strongest memory I posses.

My Grandma expressed her right to name her new grandchild… like she always did. We all have names with ‘S’ and so did her new grandchild, whom she christened Sippy. And as they say time flies really fast and little fella soon grew into a handsome Mountain Hound. His great looks and unmatched gait make him Aishwarya Rai of the dogs…he’s too cute.
Ever since, the Balachandran household has been ringing with laughter and sharp woofs of joys. He has changed all of us in a better way, we are really happy like never before. It’s the best birthday gift, I could ever ask for! He knows when he needs to be with my dad to relieve him from the stress of office or when he has to be with my mum to bring a warm smile on her face. He licks away my tears, when I feel low. But, he is intelligent enough not to trouble my grandma. Everyday, he bids me ‘bye’ when I go to school and waits for me to be back to welcome me with a warm woof, vigorous wagging of his bushy tail and wet lick on my face. Thank you Sippy, for making my life beautiful.
I wish my honey bun a very happy (belated) birthday (15th July)…he is my guardian angel and I love him the most in this world. Sudha and Sippy.