Who is the real stuff toy?


Life was weary, tiring and lonely,
I needed a companion
on my way.
Now I have someone
to show where to go,
I just let him lead the way.
Sometimes I need care and love,
all I have to do is just look
into his eyes.
Sometimes I need a hand to hold,
and his furry paws are all mine.
When no one is listening, he lends me a ear,
he doesn’t say much but he will listen forever.
He thinks I look dashing whatever I wear,
and he is glad to see me anytime, anywhere.
We all wish we had a faithful friend,
I guess I am just God-damn LUCKY.
I have to look no further,
I have all I need in my lil dog, LUCKY.
Yes, Lucky is my 6-year-old pet dog, whom I rescued from the street. My love for him holds no bounds. My family and me are ardent animal lovers and we take pride in caring for 15 healthy, neutered and vaccinated street dogs. These pariahs are lovable and can form excellent pet dogs, just like my dear Lucky