Adopting a child… care…concern… and canine


“Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.” We all would definitely agree with this thought of Henry Wheeler Shaw. In a true sense, we never buy a dog; we bring a new loving companion into the family. So, if you are planning to get one…just give stray adoption a thought or bring home an abandoned dog and sprinkle happiness in their lives…and yours too.
We all are aware of our community dogs’ stories of loyalty and dedication for ages. They are part of our lives since childhood. Community dogs have been mutely guarding us against dangers for ages, expecting little care and concern in return. Chilly winter nights, long rainy spells or scorching sun…they are always on alert…guarding us 24×7.
The great Indian dog…our pariahs
Community dogs, also known as ‘Pariah dogs’ are mixed breeds and not pedigreed. The term refers to any population of street dogs who live near human settlements. Street dogs consist of stray or abandoned pets, litter born of a stray, or from unwanted litters dumped by some irresponsible dog owners.
Adopting… a friend for life
If you are planning to bring home a dog, it would be good idea to check out a few dog shelters as well. The innocent eyes, longing looks and need for belongingness…the dogs at the shelter can make the most hardhearted persons go weak in the knees. And we bet, if you are a true dog lover, you won’t leave the shelter without losing your heart to at least one of the inmates. The dogs at the shelters are either pariahs or abandoned and are craving for loving family like yours and you can expect oceans of unconditional love and loyalty for them.
Regardless of breed, dogs are always loyal, loving and caring…and if we are a compassionate animal lover, then their pedigree, breed and looks will not make a big difference. Besides, there are quite a few good reasons to adopt pariahs…be ensured. People have a lot of myths about them, which are totally baseless. Here are a few of them :

  • Community dogs have germs and can pass to humans : Hygiene needs to be practiced, be it a stray or pedigree.
  • Vaccination dilemma : Before putting a dog for an adoption, animal shelter ensures that she is properly vaccinated and sterilized. Even though, as a responsible pet parent, we should take the community responsibility of getting strays vaccinated and spayed.
  • Community dogs are more prone to falling ill : The immune systems of pariahs are strong. That is not to say that your dog won’t fall ill, but she will for sure fight diseases more successfully.
  • Abandoned pets will not adjust : The abandoned dogs put up for adoption by animal shelters are already housebroken and comfortable with people. Give good amount of love and care to make them feel comfortable and in no time they will adjust to you and your family.

By adopting a stray and homeless dog, you are not just doing an act of compassion, but also bringing home a friend for life, who will bless us with her ‘dogged’ devotion, loyalty, and companionship forever. Let’s all make a better place for our canines and spread the message ‘Each One Keep One.’
– by Chhandita Chakravarty

Each one Keep one (E1K1)

  • Adopt our great Indian Pariahs…and lets make a difference to our cute and cuddly canine lives… seeking lovable homes.
  • A 6-month-old friendly male Pomeranian with good temperament is looking for a loving home. Due to lack of exercise at his previous home, he has a stiffness in hip which is slowly curing under the loving care of vets.