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Agility is a dog sport, where handler and his dog work as a team. It includes running, jumping, and much more. The racecourses are timed and the fastest and most accurate…we mean agile dog wins. This sport gives handlers and dogs a best chance to showcase their teamwork and communication skills while spending quality time together. 

The beginning…

Agility began as an exhibition sport in Great Britain and the idea was imported to the United States in 1977. Since then it has been the most popular show and several agility competitions/trials are held in the USA. Major clubs like United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), American Kennel Club (AKC) and North American Dog Agility Council Inc (NADAC) regularly organize the agility shows. 

Who can participate…

Dogs of any breed, even mix breeds can participate in it. The dog must know basic commands like sit, stay and have a reliable recall. The best part of agility training is, dogs can be trained for it only using positive reinforcement. It’s always better to train a pup for the best results. 

Games involved…

The course involves various types of equipments such as jumps (various heights hurdles), tunnels (vinyl tube through which dog runs), weave poles (series of poles through which dog weaves), contact objects (A frame, dog walk, teeter) etc. The dog has to clear the course of these obstacles within a limited time on the handlers’ instructions. Success depends on the communication skills and teamwork between the handler and his dog. 

So, let’s not waste a moment further…we are agile buddies, let’s have fun together. 

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– by Pooja Sathe