Lovable Labs!

One of the most popular dog breeds, Labrador Retrievers not only make excellent companions but are also popular as working and assistance dogs.

Zanjeer, a Labrador, detected arms and ammunitions used in 1993 Mumbai serial blasts while Lucky and Flo sniffed nearly two million pirated counterfeit DVDs in Malaysia. Former US President Bill Clinton had Labradors Buddy and Seamus as part of his family members. Current Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is blessed with a Labrador named Koni. And the beautiful story of an American Labrador in Marley & Me has melted many a heart. What makes the Labrador so popular?
Typically, Labradors are jolly, good-natured dogs, ideal for a family – good with children, playful and protective.

A look back

Originated from Newfoundland in Canada, Labs were popularly used by fishermen in work to pull nets and catch fish that escaped from fishing lines. After crossing with breeds like Setters, Spaniels and other Retrievers, Labradors have sharpened their skills as a true retriever. From this point in the history of the breed’s origin, they have been popularly and affectionately known as ‘Labs’ to perform as an efficient retriever of game, apart from their hunting activities.

Bold n’ beautiful

Strong and muscular dogs with fairly short and straight fur, Labradors have a waterproof coat. They have a broad and strong tail and their webbed toes make them excellent swimmers. The males typically weigh around 29-41 kg while females weigh around 25-32 kg and the height is around 21.5-22.5 inches. They are found in three colours: black, yellow and chocolate.

Lovely disposition

Intelligent, curious, kind, outgoing, trusting and extremely loving – Labradors can easily steal your heart away. Their sense of smell is so strong that they can follow its path of origin. They are fun-loving and love to play ball and other games like frisbee, flyball and agility. They are neither noisy nor territorial.

Love to eat

They have a voracious appetite and so it is the responsibility of the pet parents to see that they do not overeat and get obese.