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How well do you know your puppy?

Dependlnq on the size or the breed of your Dog, his Growth will vary in intensity and duration. Butwhatever the case, this period remains crucial because it conditions his adult life. l eedlnq him well, means respectlnq his particular needs, while malntatnlng a perfect balance,without excess or deficiencies.
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in the cases & Qet a chance to win pnzesn

  1. Brushing your puppies’ teeth several times a week helps avoiding it.
  2. Name of the milk secreted by the mother dog .
  3. A training programme starting young shou ld ensure it.
  4. Nutrient that a very young puppy is unable to digest.
  5. Category of nutrients (calcium , zinc, phosphorus) important for canine bone formation, metabolism, nerve conduction, muscle and immune functions.
  6. The bitch requires it from the food more during lactation.
  7. Where the nidation of the embryos happens?
  8. Date at which the claws appear on the foetu s (number).


  1. Parasite that attaches to a dog’s skin and uses its mouth parts to pierce the skin & inject saliva.
  2. Regular action to protect the puppy from parasites.
  3. Name of the sugar found in milk that dogs can not digest.
  4. Number of weeks that gestation lasts in average?
  5. Name of the passage from a milk diet to solids.
  6. It fertilises the female’ s ova during mating .
  7. Category of nutrients from which dogs draw their energy.