Sparkling colourful Seven!

Seven is the basis of several auspicious occasions and things in the world. Be it the wonders of the world; continents; colours in the rainbow; days in a week or basic musical notes. Woof! Seven is surely a great number and as we turn seven this month, we decided to share the positive powers of seven with all our proud pet parents.

All proud pet parents want to add hues of happiness to their cuddly canines’ lives. Here’s towards perfect and colourful approach to positive pooch parenting…Bow!

Let’s paint the town VIBGYOR

Each of the seven colours of the rainbow or VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) has a unique and affective character associated with it. And we believe the rainbow colours will work wonders for pooch parenting as well.

Violet: heal the world…make it a better place

Violet is the colour for spiritual mastery. It brings inspiration, imagination, feeling of love and humanity and healing energy. So, this is the colour for doggies’ welfare.

  • Never abandon: Never abandon a dog if he gets old or sick. Remember, he’s our friend for life.
  • Stop reckless breeding: Our furry friends are God’s gift to us. So, never promote reckless breeding of our angels for materialistic gains.
  • Never be cruel: It’s inhuman to hit or harm someone, so always raise your voice if you witness such incidents. Call an animal welfare organisation or an NGO in your area.
  • Food for living: Our pariahs are always on lookout for food. Be nice to them and make it a routine to regularly feed them in your vicinity.
  • Sterilization/neutering: To put a check on increasing pariah population, the best way is to sterilize/neuter them.
  • Dog shelter: These shelters are abode for sick, old and abandoned dogs. If you find any dogs in need for help, contact them now.
  • Adopt…happiness: Bring home a bundle of joy and share your joys with him…as we say ‘Each one…Keep one.’

Indigo: hues… health… happiness

Indigo is the colour of energy, spiritualism, self-control, and awareness. To enjoy all these, our pooches need a gift…of good health.

  • Care: Proper care sets the foundation for your dog’s overall well being. A regular visit to veterinarian is the first and foremost basic of our dog’s health regimen.
  • Eat right: Keep a check on your dog’s diet. Give him right things to eat…as we know better what’s good and what’s bad for our pooches.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise is must for our dog’s health. Take him out for walks…play with him…just keep them fit.
  • White shine: Our pooches’ dental health is very important. Clean their teeth with dog toothpaste. It will also avoid bad breath and remove tartar.
  • Tick-tick…gone: Check for ticks and fleas regularly. Contact your vet in case you find your pooch suffering from ticks and fleas.
  • Neutering life: Our pooches should be spayed by six months of age. It reduces risks of many health challenges which may occur later.
  • Old age care: We should take full care of the gradual onset of aging in our furry buddies. It’s important to aware all signs of aging and provide them special care and comfort with senior dog products. Let them age gracefully.

Blue: pooch pampering

Blue is the colour of sea and sky, which expand our perceptions. So, here are ways to make our pooches feel special.

  • Delicious delicacies: Way to pooches heart is also somewhat similar to man – through their stomach. So, give them delicacies to pamper their taste buds but do not overdo it.
  • It’s for you: The best way to say ‘I care’ is through gifts – a nice walk, a treat, a pat or simply a hug!
  • Party…theme: Always make pooches a part of your celebrations.
  • Vacations…for us: Take your pooch on a vacation with you. You can spend a lot of quality time with him this way.
  • It’s my pet time: Make sure that you always spare some time for your pet. Just sit with him, caress him and talk to him.
  • Let’s play…chap: Toys are the best way to satisfy the kid inside our furry friends.
  • He’s mine: No matter what, be committed to all the needs and requirements of your pet and make him realise that you’re the one for him.

Green: nutrition

Green denotes balance, harmony, health, growth. Green is fresh and healthy…

  • Formulate meals: Check with your vet and formulate their intake accordingly.
  • Breed specific: Adjust food amounts depending upon the age, breed and size of your dog.
  • Watch out: It’s a good thought to review the ingredients in the dog foods.
  • Manage obesity: Improper nutrition might lead to serious health risks. The most common nutritional issue is weight. So, it’s vital to provide pooches with healthy treats. Monitor changes in your pet’s weight and contact your vet in case of sudden rise or fall.
  • Date check: Make it a habbit to check expiry date on the pet food treats or any other food items.
  • Leftovers…no no: If there’s any uneaten dog food just discard it and always provide fresh water to him. Also, no table scraps for your pooch.

Yellow: grooming

Yellow helps in improving the life and energy. It also brings clarity of mind. So, let yellow be the colour for grooming…

  • Grooming kit: It is important to have a routine in place for grooming your dog. Gather all the things you’ll need, like brushes, comb, ear cleaner, cotton balls, damp cloth, dog nail clippers, collar/lead for bath, dog shampoo, towels and blow dryer, etc.
  • Brush up: Short-haired dogs will probably only need a quick going over, while medium or long-coated dogs will require a thorough brushing to ensure the coat is tangle free.
  • Eye…for detail: Eye care may be a simple matter of wiping the area in the corner of the eyes where gunk can collect. To remove any gunk, just wipe around the eye carefully using a damp towel; this is best done on a daily basis so it does not collect and cause a sore patch.
  • Clean the ears: To clean your dog’s ears, apply some ear cleaning solution to a cotton ball and simply wipe dirt and wax away from the inner ear.
  • Clip the nails: Left uncared for nails can grow to enormous lengths, which twist the toe and cause pain. So, keep your dog’s nails short.
  • Bathing beauty: The most important part of dogs’ grooming process is bathing as it removes all dirt and grease from the dog’s coat, it also helps to loosen dead hair and improve circulation to the skin.
  • Dry up…lovely: The drying process should be started while the dog is still in the bath by running your hands over the dog to squeeze as much water as possible, then you can towel dry the dog or use a blow dryer.

Orange: power and control

Orange brings the power and control. Orange, like red, is the dynamic energy, it brings creativity, fun, and balance. We need a combination of these to make our pooch an obedient chap.

  • Know more: It’s always a good thing to know about the physical capabilities and mental capacities of breeds. It helps us in choosing right training programme.
  • Communication is the key: A proper pet training starts with a good orientation response from pooches. Start calling pooches by name and communicate well with them.
  • Be the pack leader: Give short and consistent commands to your pet.
  • Right timings: Follow a regular timetable for training and try to work at developing the proper timing for each technique. And always teach one command at time.
  • Reward forever: Reward positive behaviour and ignore undesirable behaviour.
  • Interest: Training time should be kept small and in line of the interest of your dog.
  • Pooches…just wanna have fun: Training becomes easier and fast, if we add some fun to it. Always be in a cheerful mood while training and share good times.
    • Red: precaution… better than cure

      Red signifies vitality, improves physical conditions, energy and enthusiasm. To maintain this, our babies need all necessary immunizations and vaccinations. It protects them from many harmful diseases, so they can lead a strong and healthy life.

      • Get your doggies vaccinated for diseases, etc. Contact your vet for a right vaccination (puppy and then for yearly vaccinations) and deworming schedules. Remember, precaution is always better than cure.

      These are seven enduring pillars to develop a steadfast pooch-parent relationship. Colour the life of your pooches in the beautiful rainbow colours.