Isha Koppikar

Be it bold ‘Khallas’ girl, petite Rajjo of Pinjar or smart Anita of ‘Don – The Chase Begins Again’… we loved Isha Koppikar in all her cameo roles. We saw her act…we love her dance…we like her style…what next. Yep! It’s her great compassion for our furry four-legged friends. Now let’s focus on her dog love only… so all tails up for Isha – a proud pet parent…woof!

Isha Koppikar is an Indian actress and model who has appeared in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. She shot to fame with her item number – Khallas in Ram Gopal Verma’s Company in 2002. Here’s the softer side of this glam ‘n’ gorgeous gal as a poochie pal.

Me ‘n’ Mowgli

Her father introduced her to pets and now she has her own bundle of joy, Mowgli – a GSD. She loves all dogs, but has a soft corner for Dalmatians, so why just one… “I want to give best of my love and care to Mowgli…so I really don’t want many but just one and special – Mowgli. Every moment I spend with him is really cherishing. The way he goes mad and dance is really wonderful.”

Doggie’s day out

Isha loves to pamper her pet and likes to go on long drives with him. “Mowgli and I often go on road trips to Pune, Lonavala, etc. All our drives are memorable to me. Once in the car, he is impatient but soon settles with a ball.”
“He scared me once by running on the road – but since then I am extra careful and take every precaution while taking him out,” she narrates.

I’m always there!

“I love to train him. Actually I am the trainer. I like to spend time with him and sometimes when he is disobedient, my father tells me that I am responsible for that,” she narrates.
She further adds, “My whole family is very conscious about fitness…of Mowgli too… He loves his walk with my father in Shivaji Park.”

The bond…

Isha and Mowgli share wonderful compatibility. “It’s the unconditional love, the behaviour…which has strengthened our bond, it is really great. Mowgli is the most pampered member of our family,” she adds.

Delicacies he loves to gorge on…

Fun ‘n’ food time is so amazing for Mowgli, “He loves to gorge on rice with keema. He also loves eating raw fruits, especially Papaya…it’s his favourite. Not to forget …ice creams! He wants it all.”

On being a responsible pet parent!

“Be responsible to your pet. If your family atmosphere is peaceful, then your pet will also behave in the same manner. If we are aggressive, impatient, they will adopt the same behaviour. It’s very important to shower proper love on them. Proper grooming should be done – paw care, trimming, cleaning ears, etc. And don’t forget the important vaccinations,” concludes Isha.