A ‘Golden’ diet

Royal Canin offers breed-specific diets, the recently launched being the Golden Retriever 25 and Golden Retriever 29 for your golden breed.

Breed – Specific Diets

Royal Canin is the inventor of breed specific diets, the Breed Health Nutrition range. The Breed Health Nutrition range is formulated with quality nutrients, excellent raw materials and exclusive natural aromas, which the dog detects immediately. The very high digestibility level (more than 90 percent on an average) of the rigorously selected proteins, ensure the best possible assimilation by the body and good intestinal health.
The Breed Health Nutrition range combines scientific knowledge of nutritional precision,

  • Taking into account each breed’s particular sensitivities.
  • Formulating a unique diet to respond to each breed’s specific needs.

Why Kibble?
The kibble is a concentration of technical expertise: its shape, size and texture tailor-made to:

  • Help encouraging good oral hygiene due to a brushing effect.
  • Make it easier for brachycephalic breeds and puppies to pick up their food.
  • Help slowing down the speed of ingestion, in particular for greedy breeds who may gulp down their food.
  • Are adapted to the size and shape of each different jaw.


The Golden Retriever Diet…

The Golden Retriever has his own physiological specifities, which should not be mistaken with the Labrador Retriever’s.