Sylvie – the black beauty


Sylvie is the most beautiful and loving dog I have ever come across over the years – she is full of energy, mischief maker and the most adored and loved member of the family at Friendicoes SECA. Anyone who sees her today will never believe the torture and pain she had to endure few years back.

Almost five years back, Sylvie was a part of a family living in Vasant Vihar and she had everything any dog would like – a warm and loving family, kids to play with, plenty of place to run around, bowls full of food and water and a warm bed to sleep. All was going fine until one day the family realized she was getting to be a handful and was not their exact idea of a family dog. Being at an age where every dog is naughty and playful she would bite the edges of sofas, tables, chairs, shoes, etc and litter the place with paper, shreds of ball, etc which after a period of time was not liked by the family. Being a working family they would all be out and when they came back they would have to face an over energetic and enthusiastic pet. Anger and outbursts began and soon Sylvie’s life became a hell. She was left tied up all day long; sometimes without food and water, no more walks, or toys to play with, and in due course of time she became nothing more than a watch dog left out of the house with no one to care for.

Once, when the family decided to go for a holiday for 15 days, they left the poor miserable dog tied to the window of their garage with no water, food, light or air. One of the neighbours became a little suspicious when he heard a dog whining continuously… on approaching the garage and by climbing up to the small dirty window he managed to see a black form lying senseless on the ground. He broke open the window and found Sylvie lying in her own shit and urine and an unbearable stench. When he tried to approach her, she got scared and crouched, he just couldn’t recognize the same Sylvie who used to jump around and play with his pets. After much coaxing he befriended her and took her out. The once healthy dog was reduced to bones now, the chain had been tied so tight that her entire neck was cut and festered. He gave her food and water and then called us at Friendicoes SECA. We sent our team to rescue her and bring her home.

I still remember that day when Sylvie first came to us –she was scared, wary, wounded and in a pitiful condition, any loud noise or raised voice would scare her and she would follow me and others like a shadow. At night, I made her sleep in a warm bed by my side and after a nice warm bath, and stomach full of food. In a few days time she began regaining her strength and soon we were all glad and happy to see her mix around with her other friends, playing with them, stealing their food, going for walks, etc. It was heartening to see a scared, hurt dog transform herself to a healthy naughty bundle of joy. We were grateful to God for having sent her our way she was one of the lucky ones to be rescued in time and she is still the happy mascot of Friendicoes SECA today.