Rover –the royal canine!


They say that New York City is so loved that it is named twice over – ‘New York – New York’. The same with our dog Rover who is so lovable that he is known as ‘Rover Rover’!!! Rover is a St. Bernard from Patiala who is the best birthday present I have ever received.
Rover is so very elegant and dignified that we feel that he is reborn from a royal family. He is handsome, good natured and very loving. He is attracted to strangers and also loves to play with other dogs, big and small – I have never heard him growl at anyone/any dog.
Rover has three passions in life: me, car rides and a swim in the lake. He is a one man dog and follows me everywhere. My day starts with a welcome from Rover in my bed. After he has drooled all over me and my bed we go for a long walk. In the evening he waits outside for my return from work and then I get a grand welcome. He loves car rides. He feels that I have to chauffer drive him around on Saturdays. He loves to swim in a lake that is around a kilometre away from our residence. He swims beautifully! I cannot imagine my life without him!