Woof! I got one


Since childhood, I love pets…I grew up having great fun with them. When I look back, it leaves me with a smile and reasons are innumerable… playing fetchthe- ball …going on a daily evening stroll…chasing butterflies…the list is endless. When I moved to city hustle-bustle, the only thing I missed the most was my pets. Due to space constraints, I couldn’t have one. But as they say, “Where there is a will, there’s always a way.” No sooner that I moved into a spacious house, I brought home an angel – Toffy, Labrador.

Toffy, one-month-old, came to us as a cute little ball of fur. His golden brown coat has a majestic sheen and his angelic eyes… just mesmerize one and all. He walks with all the attitude and roams like a king in his empire. We just love watching his tantrums. My first-born angel – Khushi now has a new sibling, they both are having a gala time together, now its party time…all the time… at our home. My mother and wife are always on their toes…managing these two naughty l’il monsters. They keep running around toddling from one room to other. The moment Khushi returns home after school, there’s a regular bedlam in our living room… we are clueless, but they both have some boardroom discussions.

It’s really great to have pets, and I have started reliving my childhood memories with them…and I guess this experience is priceless…thanks Toffy.