Sooner the better…living life to the fullest


Life goes on…no matter what. We had a loving pooch called Lucy – Spitz, she was our angel, when she died…(God bless her), she was 13-and-half-years old and we all were so heartbroken that we decided not to have pet again. And as they say time heals the deepest wounds…so after two sad and gloomy years…my parents brought home happiness…again! Tulip – a Dachshund, with whom we fell in love at first sight, brings back the lost sunshine into our lives. And as they say rest is the history!! Tulip has been the greatest joy of our lives. She is more pampered and spoiled than any human child…a brat indeed. She is the apple of our eyes and our lives revolve completely around her. Her never-ending tale of jest would need a special D&P issue dedicated to her…so let’s stop for a while.

To conclude I would like to give a message to all pooch lovers with whom destiny has played the cruel game.
“It is not the end of the world if you lose your pampered pooch. Within no time one can start loving again. The memories of our lost pets are to be cherished forever and will remain in our hearts. Go ahead and get yourself a new baby on whom you can lavish all your love and care and in no time all your pains would be healed.”