My Angel in disguise!


I sometimes wonder why is it that humans do not have that patience and the unconditional kind of love, which a dog exhibits. My Bruni is an epitome of unconditional love, patience and naughtiness. She lights up everyday of my life with her antics.

There is not a single day that I do not learn from her. I could just give anything and everything to see that happy look on her face when I am back home from work everyday. A life without her presence cannot be even thought of. It is really a wonder to see how she communicates to me through her soulful eyes. Her eyes say a thousand words. She lights up the moment you say
“choru” which means food in Malayalam language. She knows when is the right time for lunch and dinner without looking at the clock!
The moment her plate is full of food, she just licks it all away in no time. I’m sure that even if I give her mountains of food and ice cream (which is her favorite!) she would still be hungry for more!! She just loves people and hates any kind of violence. She is the baby of my house. The first word that my little nieces Michelle and Seeya, who are just one year old, uttered was “BRUNI”. They just love to be with her and she loves them in return.
She is one of God’s greatest gift to me, and in spite of the times that I have to give up on a lot of life’s pleasures due to her presence, I still, will never want to part with her. Therefore, I very readily agree with the line so rightly stated in a poem that GOD reversed his name to give ‘DOG’ a name!!!