Sonahk & Kavin…two to tango!


‘Daughters are the God’s best gift to anyone’…indeed a nice thought and nicer would be the experience of sharing lives with them. Sonahk (Lhasa Apso) and S Kavin Mughi are our two lovely angels…they are our priceless possessions.
Sonahk has filled our lives with innumerable joys by becoming the indispensable part of our lives. She is my daughter’s (Kavin) best buddy and they both share a wonderful rapport. It’s great fun to see them sharing ‘n’ caring…they are true 24×7 playmates. This sibling compatibility has benefited all of us; my daughter has become active and intelligent…and has won appreciation and applause all over…Sonahk waits for Kavin to return from school, after which they both are inseparable.
Sonahk is the cynosure of all. My wife can never imagine her life without her, wherever she goes… Sonahk follows her with an innocent may-I-help-you look.
We make moments special for Sonahk by taking her to a park every Sunday – so that she can romp to her heart’s content. It’s a family outing and we have a great time together. Sonahk is pampered with her share of treats and goodies along with regular grooming sessions.
We celebrated Valentine’s Day for our two daughters – we four had a ball celebrating love together…like we do every moment, we are together.