Carol: Our world


Carol is our four-legged family member who means the world to us – she was a Valentine’s Day gift to my wife. That time, she was a small bundle of fur – small enough to disappear in anyone’s lap.

This adorable Dalmatian has brought a smile to everyone. She is always happy to greet us when we come back home- all set and waiting at the gate – wagging her tail constantly. Her favourite moment is when we all go out for a walk and tell Carol – ju, ju (in Nepalese this means–lets us go). She just runs to her box, picks up her leash and leads the way out.

Ever playful, she just can’t seem to understand why other dogs bark and growl when they see her, even though she is always eager to go near them and welcome them with a wagging tail!

Carol taught us many important lessons in life – patience, immense loyalty, always happy, always ready to please, by your side through ups and downs…the list is endless. Carol is and will always be an important part of our lives.