Kudos to all dog lovers!


Dog lovers around the world have proved that when it comes to raise a voice against the atrocities our dogs are facing in any part of the world, geographical borders are meaningless. Yes, we are talking about the inhuman activities that are taking place in Kerela.
This has agitated the dog lovers not only in Kerela but also in other parts of India as well as abroad, where people have organised protests against this mass killing of dogs.
It is really heartening that we all have come forward to protect our four-legged companions from such unfortunate fate. Our canines have a right to live and it is our duty to ensure that they are safe and happy.
Even though we cannot change the life of every stray dog but yes, we can gift them a better place to live by educating and creating awareness among people on how to make life better for them. Now, that summers are here, it is a good idea to provide clean drinking water to the strays in your locality. Also, please remember that whenever you start your car, do not forget to chase any dogs who have found respite under your car to protect themselves from the sun.
With this spirit in mind, let us all work towards a better place for our canine friends. Sparkle is thanking all dog lovers for their support to keep his friends safe and happy.