West Highland White Terrier:


West Highland White Terrier:Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all!
Elegant, smart, doe-eyed…meet the West Highland Terriers – the peppy, fun-loving, adorable companion.
White…like snow, beautiful…like snowhite, playful… like your child – the West Highland Terrier is certainly one of the best companions.

Westies’ legend…

It is believed that West Highland Terriers, or simply Westies, were bred from the white offspring of Cairn and Scottish Terriers to create a hunting terrier. They were also known as Roseneath Terriers. Dog lovers love them for their excellent hunting skills as well as companionship.

The Westie is a “large” small dog, descended from Cairn Terriers and originated from Scotland. Some sources credit Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm and his kin of Poltalloch, in the Argyll region of western Scotland, as an originator of this breed in the 1800s. Other sources credit the 8th Duke of Argyll (Chieftain of Clan Campbell) as an originator of the breed. This breed of dog is known for their spirited personality and distinctive white coat. Their white coat made them highly visible when hunting on the Scottish moors and easily distinguished them from their game (this was an extremely important factor because hunters sometimes mistook brown dogs for foxes, and shot them).

Sweet delights…

Small but hardy, the West Highland White Terrier is a perfect blend of strength and activity. Strongly built with straight back, powerful hindquarters and muscular legs; the Westie is a compact dog with lots of self-esteem. Their head is round and expression is piercing and curious. Even more striking are their widely set almond-shaped eyes, dark brown in colour, which impart an intelligent look to the breed. Small, erect ears on the top edge of the skull complete their inquisitive look. Their tail is relatively short and is covered with hard hair. And here’s the dog whose tail is not curled but carried gaily over the back.

They have a white coat with soft undercoat. The outer coat is about two inches long and is made of straight hard white hair. And as the name suggests, their colour is white. The height of males is around eleven inches and of females is ten inches. They weigh around 6.8-9.9 kgs.


Easy going chaps…

Westies are alert, courageous, intelligent and active dogs. They are fun-loving but wellbehaved. They are very friendly and make excellent pets. Just give them sufficient attention and they are yours…for life. They will become the most loyal and beloved pets. They love children, provided the children are well-behaved and give them their space. Besides, they are overtly friendly with strangers but once they sense danger, they will bark excessively, bringing out their guarding instincts.

Living with Westies…

If you are blessed with a Westie, then you will be happy to have a great family dog, who can live in an apartment as well. Don’t go by their cute and cuddly looks because they are not lap dogs. They are full of energy and curiosity. Give them lots of attention and activity, and then they will be happy. It is easy to train them, if handled in a firm and consistent way.
They love to play and run around. They enjoy chasing small animals and even like digging. So, take care that your Westie is well fenced in when he is out. Also, don’t let your Westie get bored or you will end up having holes in your garden or some other kind of mischief.

Groom me beautiful…

Even though Westies are clean and do not shed much but they still require their daily brushing to keep their tresses beautiful. It stimulates blood circulation, improves looks and reduces shedding. Also, clip his nails regularly and keep his ears and eyes clean.

Healthy beings…

Westie is a robust breed and they are healthy. But, problems like skin allergies, ear infection, hip dysplasia, etc. are also found in some Westies.