Smart boy Ninja!


I was young once, twice actually – once when I was young like all of us and second the day my golf set arrived. I was excited to the core and carefully unfolded my prized possession. As soon as I was about to hit the ball with my club, the bulbous head of Driver #1 hit the stationary blade of the ceiling fan. Ninja, our Labrador, suddenly charged forward with loud clamour and leaped up, intent on taking a snap at the offending fan blade.
In that commotion, we returned the golf clubs to their bag and decided to give golf a try some other time. Later, we found Ninja reposing on his paws and surrounded by some suspicious-looking yellow chips. Obviously he had spent his time biting into something fascinating enough to be minced into bits and fragments but not meritorious enough to be swallowed. I picked up a few of those pieces, which smelt and felt like vinyl rubber. It was then that I realised that my darling doggy had found the brand new canary yellow top flight XL golf ball with 475 dimples.
I think Ninja had heard the myth that at the core of every golf ball, there is half-an-ounce of honey, which gives the ball its stability during the flight after being hit by the sweet spot of the club. Probably, he had gone for that honey. But till date, Ninja has not told me whether he had found the honey and had licked it clean or whether he had succeeded in debunking the honey myth. Smart boy, Ninja!