Destiny and choice!


Do you believe in destiny? Well, if you don’t – by the time you fi nish reading this narration you will….

I’ll begin with telling you about how I got Nawab, my Labrador Retriever. Nawab came to my landlords – to be given as a gift to their family friend’s son on his birthday. When I fi rst set my eyes on him, I somehow had a feeling that he was going to come to me – but that was a very far-fetched idea – Nawab was given away….

After two days he was back in a very sorry state – because the boy and his parents, having kept a pet for the fi rst time did not know what to do with the pup. Sadly, he was taken back again after much tutoring on puppy behaviour – but there he was back again – and this went on for quite some time. My bond with the puppy grew stronger and I could read his eyes saying, “Just some more time – I am coming to you.”

I fi nally couldn’t stop myself from requesting my landlady that if that family was not able to take care of him – I would – as I already had two dogs and a third was always welcome – especially Nawab. After much coaxing, the family agreed, and realized that they were not fi t to keep a pet and to my great delight Nawab at last found his home, where he would belong forever.

Now, Nawab has grown into a charming and handsome boy of one and a half year. He is a happy dog, content and secure with all of us. That was the destiny and choice of our little loved spoilt brat…NAWAB.