Spreading fun and liveliness…


I share my life with two German Shepherds – Tippu and Ruby. They are the most adorable dogs in the world, especially Ruby! She is Tippu’s mom and is five years old while Tippu is a young 3-year-old dog. Ruby stays at our farm while Tippu stays at my house like a king. Tippu is a fun loving, energetic and sometimes a very lazy dog while Ruby is just the opposite. Ruby loves water and whenever I visit her, she pulls me to the sand and forces me into the water to have a swim with her.

I keep Tippu’s leash, biscuits and his other things in one cupboard. So, whenever I reach for the cupboard or any other thing near it, he jumps out to the door ready to be taken for a walk. He never likes to be called a bad boy. Whenever we remind him of his bad behaviour, he runs away and sits in a corner with his face between his legs and tail. Tippu knows many tricks like fetch and jump (in fact, he can jump through a hula hoop!) but those only happen if he gets a biscuit. If you happen to utter the words ‘ball’ or ‘biscuits’, his ears shoot up and he comes running towards you.

It’s really fun watching Tippu and Ruby who really enliven up the place by barking at all sorts of animals – from squirrels and crows to cows and other dogs!