Stark reality!


Many of you would have heard this particular incident where a pack of dogs saved a newborn who was deserted by his mother in the forests of Devarayanadurga in Tumkur. It so happened that an unwed mother abandoned her child in the forests. A pack of dogs followed her to the forest and guarded the child at night until a passerby found him and brought him back to the village.

While this event of our dogs’ accomplishment went unnoticed by many, the unfortunate incident of killing of two children in Bangalore by feral dogs, triggered a lot of agitation towards all stray dogs in the city.

The city municipal body, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) started culling street dogs in Bangalore, in order to exterminate strays from the city. What followed was a nightmare for all dog lovers as it is not right to kill all innocent street dogs – who have been a part of our lives since ages, guarding us and protecting our communities from potential dangers. We must remember that this is not only our world, but theirs too and all living beings should live in harmony.

Animal lovers and social activists all over the country joined together to protest against this inhumane act. Though the culling of dogs was stopped but the images of the dogs suffering at the hands of BBMP still send in a shiver down our spines. There are better ways to control dog population and our animal welfare associations are actively working towards it. The ABC (animal birth control) programme by NGOs is proving to be successful and instances of lower stray population have been reported in many cities.

Dogs are man’s best friends and let’s all unite together to save our furry friends from such mishaps. Charity begins at home and if each one of us takes care of one stray dog, the problem would automatically vanish. So, let’s begin by taking care of one dog in our neighbourhood – just feed him, vaccinate him and love him. He deserves a better life and your love ‘n’ care would transform him from a stray to a well-cared dog. Let the motto of Each One Keep One (E1K1) gain momentum.