Let’s Color our Canine’s Life


Holi is just round the corner and we all look forward to this colourful festival. Well, Holi is undoubtedly the festival of colour but it is not a good idea to celebrate Holi with our darling pooches as they can harm their coat. But yes, it seems to be a good time to add colour to their lives. Just like Babu does!
Well, Babu is a 35-year-old who earns a living by looking after the belongings of devotees at Shri Shaneshwar temple at Dongri. He also cleans cars and combined together, earns around Rs 5000 per month. He loves dogs and with his meager earnings, feeds around a dozen stray dogs in his area, besides taking care of their nutrition needs. He buys them milk, eggs, biscuits, and sometimes even meat for them. He may go without food at times, but he always feeds the dogs, such is his canine love!
Another incident that calls for an applause is how Nani, a 3-monthold kitten, who had fallen into a 30-ft deep dry well, was rescued by animal lovers in Kalyan. She was trapped in the well and was kept alive by people who used to send her food in a bucket, which was lowered in the well.
For centuries together, pariahs have been our unpaid protectors. A friendly pat on their back, little food and clean drinking water is all that makes their tails wag. It was really jolting to know that 13 puppies were stuffed into a gunny bag and thrown away, what an inhumane act by humans! But, bravo for the Prajakta Dudhmande, a housewife in Mumbai, went to locate these puppies and managed to save them.
Such inspirational people definitely add colour to life. This Holi, let’s all come forward and bring a difference to the life of at least one stray in our locality. So, here’s wishing you a very Happy and colourful Holi from the team of D&P and yes, of course, our dear Sparkle sends a big woof to all of you.