Groom him beautiful!


Even though cats spend a lot of time licking and cleaning themselves, they still need regular grooming to remove loose hair, prevent matting and keep the skin free from diseases. Here’s how to do that.

Step by step instructions for grooming cats

  • Clean the cat’s ears – Put a few drops of solution in your kitty’s ears and wipe out with a cotton ball. If you notice excess waxy buildup, check for ear mites.
  • Comb kitty if he has long hair.
  • Wet cat thoroughly – If you don’t get the cat wet down to the skin, he will not get clean.
  • Apply shampoo – Apply to cat’s neck first, then lather all over. Rinse thoroughly!
  • Conditioner – If you opt for conditioner, use only a rinse-out type. Leave-in conditioners can cause diarrhea because your kitty licks himself to groom.
  • Towel dry – If you have a longhaired cat, you may need a couple of towels for this step.
  • Comb or brush – Combs work best for longhaired cats, brushes for shorthaired cats.
  • Blowdrier – If you are blowdrying a longhaired cat, stop about halfway through and comb the cat again. This will speed up the drying process.
  • Final comb through – If you have a shorthaired cat, you can skip the blowdrying, but towel dry your kitty well and then give them a good brushing.

Tips to follow

  • Brushing too hard can roughen the hair cuticle, exposing its cortex and leaving the hair porous and frayed. If you can hear the brush, you are brushing too hard!
  • Take your pets to a professional groomer or a vet for nail clipping as you can cut the quick- a vein present in their nails which can then bleed and cause pain.
  • While cleaning ears, do not go deep into the ears.