Fun ‘n’ frolic


Kittens love to play. They love to pounce on things and other kittens. Here are a few tips to make playing fun for them

  • If they are separated from their siblings, they must be provided with small toys that skitter and move when they pounce on them and interactive play when you are home, such as a Cat Dancer.
  • Play with them interactively a minimum of twice a day in prolonged play.
  • Leave other toys out when you are tired or unavailable.
  • Anything on a string so you can make it jump is wonderful, but the kitten will tear it apart, so make sure it is safe for them as they do so.
  • All our cats loved the ping pong ball in the ring and the Cat Dancer. Many are very fancy such sparkly Mylar crinkle balls, and some kittens definitely prefer the sparkly things.
  • It is good to rotate toys out of their sight for a few weeks at a time to keep a toy from getting old and boring.
  • Cats love to knead. If they have claws they will scratch. Immediately give them a scratching post or place.
  • You can buy a cat tree.
  • As they love to climb, especially as they get older, some form of tower or tree is recommended. Spray it with catnip to make it desirable at once, and take your kitten to it every time s/he scratches.

(Kiturah Humphrey, featured columnist of Cats & Kittens, is a retire physician. From Siberian Gatos Cattery in the US, she is responsible for cattery policies and choices that include a programme to eliminate Corona Virus, HCM, Bartonella, Toxoplasmosis, etc.)