Chinchilla Persian: Kohl eyes that take your breath away!


“Chinchilla Persians are regal Persian cats with white or golden undercoats and minimal silver tipping. You just can’t ignore their beautiful emerald green eyes with black lining!”
The Chinchilla is a colour within the Persian breed. They are an elegant and regal, with a long beautiful luscious flowing coat, round face and large round eyes. The Chinchilla is depicted by the white undercoat with minimal silver tipping. Shaded Silver Persians have more silver tipping on the hair. The most remarkable thing about a Chinchilla/Silver Persian is their eyes, they have black lining around their eyes that make them look like they are wearing eye make-up. The emerald green eye colour is unbelievably beautiful against the coat. The rare Golden Chinchilla has pale honey/golden undercoat with a mantle of silver tipping.
Personality plus
They have a stunningly beautiful appearance and are outstandingly affectionate and gentle. This gorgeous breed is blessed with personality plus and has a great sense of humour. Chinchillas are generally placid, quiet cats who are more than happy to lie around the home being decorative. This breed will adapt to most situations and is a truly special breed that will completely captivate you and steal your heart. They are intelligent and will follow you from room to room, with the tones, his meows changing according to his moods and wants. Typically, they have a laid-back personality.
Happy & content
Persians are quiet cats, easygoing and generally get along with other pets and family members although boisterous children should be supervised with kittens. Strictly an indoor cat, this breed thrives of human companionship and it is recommended the Chinchilla be housed indoors, unless supervised or on a harness.
Grooming and genetics
This exceptionally pretty breed should be combed daily to avoid the coat knotting and matting. Special attention needs to be paid to the under arms, stomach and tail area, where the fur may run and knots occur more commonly. Some Chinchilla Persians may have runny eyes; this is easily kept clean by gently wiping clean with a wipe and warm water. This is due to their flat faces, some Persians may have problems during hot weather and are best kept indoor. If this is not possible perhaps get their coat clipped off for the hotter months, this makes a happy contented kitty. The long white coat does shed hair, which will become worse in spring as they are shedding the heavy winter coat.