Smarten up your Siberian


Comb up their tresses

The fur of Siberian does not tend to mat usually. They only tend to shed heavily twice a year, which can be prolonged depending on weather. You can comb your Siberian weekly but in shedding season, they ought to be combed every day, maybe more than once and I recommend a Furminator for shedding season.

Different combs for different age groups
Kittens: Use plastic combs to comb kittens’ fur. Kittens have fine silky fur and a comb with a fine tooth side on it,
Joan E Henderson
is an easy tool to use. Since they will bite the comb or brush, always keep two plastic combs handy.
Adult cats: As they get older, shift to steel and a full groom kit for the adult coat. The adults’ fur does nicely with the combs with a Furminator, which greatly cuts down on the shedding. A brush made of rubber called Pet Hair Elimator is very comfortable for the cat and a good tool for a cat who does not like grooming. You can use battery-powered ionic deep brush, which catches flying fur. And you can also use a fine rake brush. The cats seem to especially like the rubber brush as it feels like petting.
Tips to follow

  • Always talk to your cats whilew grooming them, telling them what a wonderful experience it is.
  • They must be taught as kittens too like grooming, so that they will enjoy it as adults when they really need it.
  • If you have a problem with feces sticking to perianal hair, try trimming the hair shorter with scissors.
  • With or without grooming, a kitten needs to be petted and played with every day.

So, make your grooming sessions fun and see your kitty really smarten up!