Sparkle struck!


A new breed of pet parents has emerged- those who get trained by their dogs and their hilarious habits. But if you think of it- which I am pretty sure- Sparkle must be finding each and every habit of mine hilarious. The habits, I am sure, he likes of me are when I take him out, food time or play time. Otherwise I wonder what he thinks. My son keeps telling me that it would be so nice to know what Sparkle thinks… so many of us might have thought this at some point of time. It sure will be fun. In fact, toymaker Takara in Japan offers a canine translator called Bow-lingual which can decipher your pooch’s barks and growls as human emotions.
Sparkle is stubborn- we do share a chemistry and that too a funny one, while on our walks- we walk on one side of the street- but on the way back- mind you- my senior (he just turned ten- touchwood), has a mind of his own. He does not want to walk on the same side and wants to walk on the other, traffic which is zooming at us is of no concern to him. No amount of cajoling, pulling and sometimes even tugging can change Sparkle. He just stands there rooted and I have to give in… making me a laughing stock of the passersby.
Sparkle gets his way – when he decides to go for a walk, he leaves no stone unturned… never gives up and goes to every potential person at home or at work. If one candidate says no, the other one is targeted immediately, his strategy changes in a fraction of a second. Come to think of it… he has mapped our characters so well that his brain analyses and knows who will give in. He is also very vocal of what he
wants- which comes out loud and clear! His evening walks are the funniest- he watches each movement with precision. Sparkle is like a dancing dog around the targeted candidate and if there is emergency and he needs to go out soon- he is like this barking, dancing dog!
Sparkle the office going dog- he takes his work and walks very seriously. Not to forget the chaos we share everyday while on our way to work and back with him or the times which is the India Gate time- a long story again!
I bet all pet parents have their own stories to share. Write to us about your experiences and let us all join in the fun! Sparkle with the team wishes you all a Sparkling festive season ahead.