A prayer for our Mickey


– never to be forgotten

Mickey… you will be missed. The front porch will certainly not be the same without you. Our hearts will miss a piece now that you are gone. Thank you for sharing 11 out of your 14 years with us. We are so glad we adopted you when you were three years old. We do not have words to express our thanks for giving us a secure place in your heart and loving Armaan, our son, as much as you love us. The breakfast table will not be the same without you…we will miss seeing you there every morning. We would miss your love for coffee, roti & carrots and… your unique way of holding Choostick….

Your soulmate Qwissy also misses you and we are grateful to both of you for leaving a part of you with us…Licker, your son. A piece of you for us to hold on to! Eden Villa will not be the same without that signature bark of yours. Say hello to Blue, Two, Carlos, Maddy and Inji when you meet them at the rainbow bridge. Let them lick you CRAZY for us. Mickey, YOU truly were one-of-a-kind… we will always love you and never forget you. See you when the time comes…till then keep barking, playing and most of all, be happy Mickey. May your soul rest in peace! Amen!

–Mili MG Chandy, Ashok, Armaan & Mickey’s family of dogs