May June 2011


Savannah the Mini Cheeetah

Blessed with the marking and attitude of the magnificent Cheetahs and an affectionate temperament, the Savannahs are simply superb.

Abscess in felines

Abscesses developed due to puncture wounds inflicted during fights among male cats are very common. Here are some symptoms and protection measures of abscesses.

Ask the Expert..

Dr KG Umesh (MVSc, MSc (UK)) is a Postgraduate in Clinical Medicine. He is working for WALTHAM as Regional Associate for South Asia.

Little miss PURRFECT

Cats are smart – and have their own personalities, here’s how to teach kitty etiquettes.

Being ‘Nosey’!

There is no animal who will investigate a different smell more earnestly than the cat. Their sense of smell is highly developed and very little escapes them.

Beat the Heat!

Summers can be hard on our felines too. Here are a few tips to make summers comfortable for your kitty.

Solving litter box problems

You can resolve litter box issues by taking a closer look at your cat’s environment.