Unforgettable in every way!

Cherished memories remain forever in life! And when you are blessed with a pooch, there are many such moments. Here, a few of our pet parents share their unforgettable moments with their furry babies.

Gift of life – the greatest gift!
Happiness comes in small packages….true! “My greatest moment during my days of pet parenting was the
Shailee & Xenia
day when Goldie, my Lhasa Apso female, gave birth to six cute little pups,” shares Anant Salway of Wardha, Maharashtra. While, Reema Jain of Ludhiana says, “One of my greatest and unforgettable moments is when a pup opened his eyes and came into my arms.”
Similarly, Abha Sharma from Lucknow attributes her most cherished moment to be the one when she was blessed with a pup from her female dog. “Sky always lost her litters after birth. But, one of her puppies, Lara, survived and that‘s the greatest gift for me,” she shares.
Love comes unasked…
You never know what life has in store for you. Sometimes, when you are clouded in the midst of uncertainty and hopelessness, a new hope comes…sometimes in the form of a four-legged angel. “Whisky came into our lives just 15 days after the demise of Angel, our female Labrador. That period was really traumatic. A dog trainer friend turned up with a very fragile and black Dachshund pup. It was indeed a love at first sight!” shares Manoj Khurana from Secunderabad.
Unconditional love…
If we talk of unconditional love, we are bound to talk of our pooches. Whatever we do, wherever we are, our pooches never disappoint….they love us from the core of their hearts. As Deepti Shukla of New Delhi shares, “Zoonie is our stray pet whom we take care of. One night we got late due to some work in the office and reached home around one o’clock and we were really surprised to see Zoonie lying on our doorsteps, waiting for us to come. She welcomed us in the same way she does everyday…that was really an emotional moment for us to see the patience of our four-legged baby.” We are sure all of us would have experienced it sometime or the other.
Building trust…
Trust is the basis of any relationship, even with our pooches. “The day my dogs began trusting me was one of my greatest achievements and moments with all my three pets!” tells Vinita Patil of Vadodra. While Nishi Chand of Lucknow shares, “I used to feed my colony dogs every day. One day I saw one of the dogs, whom I called Dada, who was very aggressive, wounded. I went to him and gave him first aid. A few days later, I was surprised to see Dada trying to enter our front gate, something he never did before. That’s when I saw maggots in his wound that appeared so critical. I was scared to touch him because of his aggressive nature. But I couldn’t leave him unattended either. I cleaned his wound and gave him antibiotics. His wound is completely healed today and he trusts me.”
Similarly, Manisha Dubey from Kanpur adds, “My doggie Jazz met with an accident in which he had internal bleeding from nose. It was unforgettable night when he trusted me fully, fighting with pain and bleeding. He kept his head on my lap while I was trying to put cotton on his nose.”
While, Ranjeeta Nath Ghai from Hyderabad has a moving story to share. “When my pooch Whisky was dying due to septicaemia, she stopped feeding her pup. I was there with her in my car going to the vet. She started groaning. I picked up her pup and kept her head in my lap and whispered a promise to her that I would take care of the pup forever. After that she stretched out her limbs, put her head down and went into coma. Junior Whisky is now three years old and undoubtedly is my eldest son.”
Other pawsome moments…
“Chingari, one of my pets, regularly goes to temple with me. She always sits outside the temple where I take off my slippers. She never stands up from there until I put on the footwear. One day, I intentionally came back from the temple without the slippers. When I turned back, I found Chingari with my slippers in her jaws. The moment was really unforgettable. Chingari always rocks!” tells Shashank Sharma, Delhi.
While, Alka Paul from Pune says, “When I used to feed my Simba in the middle of the night, at the age of three weeks, I still remember how he used to sleep on my lap.”
So, what’s your unforgettable moment? Share with us at: info@dogsandpups.net