Monkey, my soul mate: where have you gone?


She came to my life as a rain on the desert. With silent purring, she walked into my heart and enlivened my life. But, my happiness was short-lived and she left me forever, creating a void in my life. She is Monkey, my kitty, the embodiment of love and affection who taught me the lessons of unconditional love.
Monkey came to my life and transformed me into a cat lover. Since then, we slept together, played together…and cuddled each other. She loved to chase her own tail and go around in circles. She danced with joy when I made her walk on her hind legs. Like an expert fighter, she used to somersault in mid-air. She loved to play hide and seek and chased butterflies in the garden. She was crazy about home-cooked foods such as fish, meat and vegetables. She also loved to eat coconut and honeydew.
Fate didn’t allow me to see her last, as I was not in town. My London visit prevented me from giving her a final adieu. My playful kitty died in a road accident.
I know she will not come back, however, I can’t but wait for her eternally, her soft-spoken meows… her caress… Here is my obeisance… to my gentle, sweet, devotional companion…