A spayed cat is a healthy cat


If you do not wish to breed your feline friend, it is always advisable to get her spayed. Spaying not only prevents unnecessary litters but it also helps in preventing your feline friend from deadly diseases like pyometra.
I first saw Shy, a timid cat, at the animal shelter in obvious pain with a large distended abdomen. The X-ray revealed that she had an enlarged uterus. She was diagnosed with pyometra, the dreaded disease of unspayed female cats. Surgery was done immediately and after three critical days, when Shy had to be given intravenous fluids, she finally showed signs of recovery. Thankfully, Shy has fully recovered and back to leading her normal life.
Problems in pyometra
It is the infection of the uterus, which affects young to middle-aged unspayed female cats. Due to hormonal changes, the lining of the uterus gets thickened, following a heat cycle which does not result in fertilization. Following several heat cycles, cysts form in the lining of the uterus. The thickened lining secretes fluids into the interior of the uterus, which produces an ideal climate for bacteria to grow. If the cervix is open, the pus will drain to the vagina and to the outside. The cat will lick the area to keep herself clean. After a while, the cervix closes and the pus is trapped inside. The bacteria release toxins which are absorbed into the blood circulation. This affects the kidney function, causing increased urine production and the cat drinks excessive water.
Symptoms of pyometra
The cats become lethargic, anorectic and vomit. Some cats may have fever and some may become dehydrated. The abdomen may also appear distended. The preferred treatment is surgically removing the uterus and ovaries. If you notice any of these symptoms, take your cat immediately to your veterinarian.
Treatment of pyometra
Intravenous fluids are often needed before and after the surgery. However, the best prevention to this dreadful disease is spaying your furry friend.
So, if your kitty is not yet spayed, get it done immediately to help your friend live a healthy life.